Tirsdag 24. mai kl. 09:30 – 11:30

Fra linær forsyningskjede til digital forsyningsnettverk

Pantea Khanshaghaghi – Equinor
Olle Joelsson – Fieldnode AS

“The energy transition will require extensive digital, technological, and commercial innovation.
One enabler for digital transformation is additive manufacturing, the moment we are capable of producing a part by 3D printing the digital and physical worlds meet.

By making the design file available the parts can be produced on demand and the physical inventory be transformed into a digital inventory, while still meeting the needs of an end user but also contribute to the climate goals. Collaboration between companies along the supply network will be essential to achieve this. New, specialized players will emerge and be given room to contribute, while existing players obtain the chance to develop their business models.”


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